Arrowheads: Reflections on “the Tower” and Its Mythos, Introduction and Contents

In abstract, the following is a spatialized study of the obscure, nebulous structure of ‘the Tower’ in narrative and in function. It is an attempt to make sense of how the network of accounts that form the Tower’s nexus tie into one another, how the themes explored by the Tower illuminate the larger structure, and, ultimately, what exactly the Tower is. Along the way, we will also attempt to explain just who it is that makes up the research staff, the facilitation staff, and the archive team, while trying to unravel a few Tower-related mysteries regarding disappeared residents and long-lost messages that seem to appear at random.

  1. Introduction and Contents
  2. The Tower as Social Media Entity
  3. Themes and Content in the Tower Narrative
  4. Residents, Staff, and Personhood in the Tower
  5. The Tower as Place
  6. The Tower as Person
  7. The Tower as Object

documenting liminal space